Forbes : The 5 Best Shops For Men In Kuala Lumpur

If you’re looking for luxury menswear, definitely stop by Lord’s Tailor. Founder Robert Loh shares why Lord’s has seen such success over the past four decades: “We listen to what our customers want and meticulously measure every customer. Then we’ll suggest the best combination of fabrics in terms of colour and material type, cut and style to ensure that the end result flatters the customer.”

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It was also important to showcase not only high-end global designers but local ones too. “Our great on-the-ground team which included Andrea Wong – a former fashion editor at Asian

Malaysian Designers Featured on Crazy Rich Asians – The Star

Kenny Loh For the men of Crazy Rich Asians, the dapper look is not “dresscode optional”. Local suiting brand Lord’s Tailor helped in this regard, whereby Charlie Wu (Harry Shum Jr.),

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“But while internationally recognized brands play a big part in the movie, the local luxury of Singapore comes across in the presence of Southeast Asian ateliers, from Michael Cinco to

TRIBUTE – The Grand Launch of LORD’s 1974

GRAND OPENING OF LORD’S 1974 AT THE GARDENS MALL TRIBUTE   LORD’s 1974: The New Brandmark of LORD’s LORD’s has reached another milestone after four decades, the company has launched

Lord’s Tailor lancar kempen #dresslikeaLORD dan laman web baharu

Lord's Tailor lancar kempen #dresslikeaLORD dan laman web baharu KUALA LUMPUR: Lebih empat dekad mengilhamkan rekaan pakaian serta sut mewah tempatan, Lord's Tailor terus bertahan di liga tersendiri. Sungguhpun jenama tempatan lain dan mewah antarabangsa hadir memberikan alternatif di pasaran, jenama yang diperkasakan hasil dedikasi dan kerja keras pemiliknya iaitu Robert Loh dan isteri, Lee Lee Loh ini memberikan impak tersendiri.