By Kee Hua Chee

LITTLE did Lee Lee Loh know her choice of name for her husband’s fledgling tailoring business would live up to its epithet.

Today, Lord’s Tailor caters to Malaysia’s royal, political and social elite as well as local celebrities and international clients who willingly lend their name in endorsing its craftsmanship.

Kuala Lumpur-born Robert Loh, 64, was already making garments as a student and learnt the tricks of the trade by watching tailors at work near his home.

“But I needed guinea pigs so I rounded up my basketball team and told them I would make them shirts, t-shirts and shorts for next to nothing,” he recalls. “I also took a correspondence course before going to London for an advanced course at Tailors and Cutters Academy in Gerrard Street, London.”



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