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    What’s the Difference between Made to Measure and Bespoke?

    The simplest way to understand Made to Measure is that it is a cross between Bespoke and Ready to Wear. You get the full options of a custom suit ala selecting your fabric, buttons, lining and style, but at a lower price. Made to Measure suits are faster to produce as well so if you need a quick custom made suit, this is a great option for you.

    Now let’s look at the difference:



    FITTINGS An initial fitting is done when measurements are taken. There are no fittings during creation process. Depending on measurement accuracy / the preferences of the customer, there will be alterations to the final product, adding one last fitting at the end. The client is fitted during creation process up usually up to 2 times to get the suit perfectly fitted on the body of the client.  However, if more fittings are required, the tailor will work personally with the client.
    PAPER PATTERN For Made to Measure, the customer’s measurements and details based on specific block/fit are recorded by our tailors or consultants at our retail store and cross referenced each time the customer returns to made an order. Bespoke customers have their own individual paper pattern created following the customer’s exact measurements and body shape. All details of the body shape are taken such as shorter / longer arms, different shoulder droop, whether the customer has a hunchback or tummy are all recorded in the paper pattern to create a more precise fit.
    CUSTOMISATION Whilst a high level of customisation is allowed for Made to Measure, usually, it is limited to the framework provided. Bespoke clients can add any custom elements on the suit by working with our tailors.


    MTM-Jacket-Selection-V2.5_Page_5LORD’s 1974 Made to Measure

    At LORD’s 1974 we have designed our own Made to Measure menu for the convenience of our customers to create a more personalised experience.

    Customers are fitted during their consultation session with one of our consultants or tailors and taken through a step by step process to create their own unique custom design after selecting the fabrics.

    Step one: Select fit
    Step two: Select lapel
    Step three: Select vents
    Step four: Select waist pockets
    Step five: Any additional details such as active buttons on the jacket cuffs and lining options are also recorded and confirmed with the customer

    LORD’s 1974 has one of the most extensive fabric collections in Malaysia, carrying many brands which are not available elsewhere.

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