More than 45 Years of Bespoke Excellence

A well-cut suit is one of the best investments in fashion a man can have

With more than 45 years of experience in bespoke excellence, LORD’s is today a household name in precise tailoring and a leading menswear brand – offering world class bespoke service as well as affordable ready to wear. With Prof. Datuk Jimmy Choo leading the helm as the brand’s most passionate ambassadors, LORD’s is also the proud personal tailor of YAB Tun Dr Mahathir for more than 30 years, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

LORD’s is one of Malaysia’s most famous family driven enterprises. It is run by 2 generations of family. We strive to improve our company by combining our roots of traditional tailoring and contemporary processes to provide the best services to our customers.

This is the simple yet profound secret of Lord’s Tailor’s successful longevity in a highly competitive industry. LORD’s is the pre-eminent Malaysian tailor renowned for quality – combining the perfect cut, quality fabrics and excellent service.

With clients such as Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, world renowned sportsman Datuk Lee Chong Wei, legendary shoe designer Dato’ Jimmy Choo, actor Mel Gibson, global personality Chef Wan and other uber socialites, Lord’s Tailor’s alumni of clientele is a testament to a company that is truly unique and distinguished.

“We listen to what our customers want and meticulously measure every customer. Then we’ll suggest the best combination of fabrics in terms of colour and material type, cut and style to ensure that the end result flatters the customer,”

Robert Loh

The founder and master cutter of LORD’s Tailor, skillfully approaches each fabric using his extensive knowledge of body shapes and cutting patterns to accurately cut each piece of cloth to the exacting measurements of the individual, no matter the body shape. Wearing a piece of clothing made by LORD’s Tailor gives its customers the confidence to feel and look their best.

In 2015, we launched LORD’s 1974, the new brandmark of LORD’s debuted in The Gardens Mall – marking a new direction that the company is taking to introduce its own ready-to- wear line, yet keeping their iconic characteristic, which is unremitting quality.

The LORD’s ready-to- wear collection is born from an absolute commitment to quality and an unswerving attention to styles that cater to all different moments in life – with fresh details into our designs to create a ready to wear collection that exudes confidence, stylish accents and distinctive looks. Using the same minute attention to detail in every step of the tailoring process, LORD’s promises to offer ready-to-wear products of exquisite quality, fabric and style, at an affordable price.