“We listen to what our customers want and meticulously measure every customer. Then we’ll suggest the best combination of fabrics in terms of colour and material type, cut and style to ensure that the end result flatters the customer,`` says Robert Loh.

The term “bespoke” heralds its origins from a time in Saville Row, renowned for fine custom tailoring, when cloth for a suit was said to “be spoken for” by a customer. This is indeed the approach that Lord’s Tailor takes to ensure that every piece of clothing made is perfectly suited to the customer.

The founder and master cutter of Lord’s Tailor, understands that a well-cut suit is one of the best investments in fashion a man can have. Lord’s Tailor has 38 years of experience creating the finest bespoke garments. Lord’s is the pre-eminent Malaysian tailor renowned for quality – combining the perfect cut, quality fabrics and comfort.


A precise fit

Creating the foundation – The master tailor creates a pattern unique to the client. Every person is built differently; in the same way, no two patterns are ever alike. He meticulously aligns it with the fabric to make sure that each component of the suit – such as the chest piece, back panels, sleeves and collar – matches up precisely. This is particularly critical for suits with checks and stripes. The pattern is then cut by hand. A step that defines the bespoke process, it allows adjustments to be made easily. With this groundwork laid, the rest of the suit, including the inner canvassing, shoulder padding and felt, can be assembled.

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Cutter creating a bespoke pattern

A Personal Touch

At LORD’s, we understands that a well-cut suit is one of the best investments in fashion a man can have. Our Master Cutter skillfully approaches each fabric using his extensive knowledge and experience to accurately cut the cloth to the exacting measurements of the individual he is working on, thus being able to keep the material proportionally flattering to the entire body no matter the shape. Before the final product is delivered to the client, there are 2 fitting sessions to make any adjustments necessary to ensure precise fit to the client’s body. Wearing a piece of clothing made by Lord’s Tailor gives its customers the confidence to feel and look their best.


Assembling and finishing – The garment is placed on a bust to confirm that the drape and form of the jacket are aligned correctly. Like a luxury car, as much details goes into the internal construction of the suit as the external look. We ensure that only the best materials are used and under the skilled hands of our suit makers, the suit finishing is impeccably sewn together. Each step of workmanship – from attaching the felt lining for support in the collar to finishing the buttonholes – is then carried out by hand, involving almost 200 steps, each with a specialised function of ensuring the Perfect Suit reaches the hands of our clients.

Bespoke - Sewing in Final Construction
Double-breasted Check Suit


The final product – In many ways, choosing to have a garment created for you by a bespoke tailor is less about acquiring a luxury product but about an encounter with an age-old craft through which a unique piece is created specifically for you. Having something made bespoke is an investment in time, a relationship with your tailor, and in a garment that will last for many years to come.

For me, it's all about the quality. This is what I get consistently from LORD's Tailor, so I don't go anywhere else. People have commented on how nice my clothes are and they always think it's made in London but I always tell them it's Made in Malaysia, by my tailor, LORD's Tailor.
Prof. Datuk Jimmy Choo
Famous shoe designer and Founder of Jimmy Choo

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