Lord’s Tailor: Making You a More Attractive You

JUNE 13 ,2012

by Marybeth Ramey


I was speaking recently to Mrs Robert Loh, the owner of Lord’s Tailor Shops. She told me that about 40% of her clientele are expats. This percentage has held .rm since the mid 1970’s when the very public satisfaction of Boxing great, Muhammad Ali and his 20 man entourage hit the press. Former PM Dr Tun Mahathir, major international celebrities like Jimmy Choo and Mel Gibson followed his lead and word quickly spread throughout the expat community that here was a tailoring shop on par with the finest London has to offer.

About 20% of their customers are tourists including many repeat ones. They go to Lord’s, especially during the holiday seasons, because they know their garments will be flattering to them. As most expats already know from experience, the usual stock of clothes on offer here are for the much smaller frames of Asians and trying to buy formal or elegant evening attire can be very humbling and frustrating, not to mention getting regular office clothes. So why do they frequent Lord’s Tailors?

There are several reasons. First are the fabrics themselves. They are selected to be able to breathe with the person wearing them and have generous give and flexibility to them. The Loh’s do not skimp on fabrics but have decades old trusted sources with whom they discerningly choose from in a wide variety of shades and hues.

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