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Crazy Rich Asians - Nic Santos in a suit by LORD's Tailor
Nic Santos in a bright blue suit by LORD’s Tailor

LORD’s Tailor was selected amongst the many tailors and designers in Malaysia to dress the cast of Crazy Rich Asians, which was predominantly filmed in Malaysia. The movie opened to worldwide fanfare in 2018 and LORD’s Tailor was mentioned by the Head Stylist in many of her interviews.

It was also important to showcase not only high-end global designers but local ones too. “Our great on-the-ground team which included Andrea Wong – a former fashion editor at Asian Elle and talented stylist (working out of Kuala Lumpur), Raf Choo – a talented designer and stylist (also working out of Kuala Lumpur), and Natalie Wong- stylist (working out of Hong Kong) were instrumental in getting the fine details and cultural tone of the film correct. As a result, we procured great local clothes from gems like Shiatzy Chen (often dubbed as the Chanel of Taiwan), Lisa Von Tang, Lord’s Tailor, and Carven Ong.”

Read more on https://www.forbes.com/sites/tiffanyleigh/2018/08/10/crazy-rich-asians-costume-designer-mary-vogt-on-sartorial-storytelling/

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