For the first time, LORD’s is proud to be part of Pavilion Pitstop, a yearly fashion event organized by Pavilion KL in conjunction with the F1 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix. This is the seventh year Pavilion Pitstop has been hosted by Pavilion KL. this year’s Pitstop theme is titled Fashion Beats!, to signify the pulsating fashion the mall continuously upholds.

The Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collection shown by LORD’s is inspired by the vibrant coastal colours of the Mediterranean sea set against a colourful Italian coastal town. The line, designed by Kenny Loh, reflects a holiday by the Mediterranean Sea with a relaxed and fun feel across the pieces.

The collection features cool palette of azure blue, bright blue (different shades of blue reflecting the sea), lemon yellow, reds and some cool florals – contrasted with neutral beige, white and greys. Key pieces were made from a selection of linen, cotton and denim fabrics – reflecting a relaxed approach to smart casual. Denim and tailored doesn’t normally go hand in hand but in this collection, we wanted it to be not only polished but incredibly fun and adventurous. Denim was used recurrently across the collection to reflect the sense of playfulness of travel in summer. After all, denim is the choice outfit for comfortable travel wear and it also happens to be very in-trend at the moment.

Overall styling was kept simple and minimal to ensure that the focus remained on the strong masculine silhouette of the softly tailored jackets, bold shirts and slim pants. Each outfit is relaxed elegance at its best, with LORD’s traditional tailoring qualities that have made the brand so famous and successful evident throughout the collection – fine fabrics, patterns and meticulous workmanship of the garments underpinned the entire collection.

The show wrapped with a luxurious bright blue velvet tuxedo that is not for the traditionalists proving blue is indeed the new black when it comes to formal wear.

Customers can either buy the shirts off the rack or custom make the exquisite jackets or suits at any of LORD’s retail shops.The collection once again displays the prowess of LORD’s exquisite bespoke offerings as well as its new line offering quality, stylish and affordable ready-to-wear sartorial to the fashionable Malaysian men.




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