KUALA LUMPUR, 01 Oct 2016

LORD’s 1974 Spring/Summer 2017 – Jungle Fever

Jungle meets fashion in LORD’s 1974 – a new menswear label propelled under the renowned prestigious master tailoring company, LORD’s Tailor. The new reformed and rebranded label carries the founding heritage year along with the prominent house name. LORD’s 1974 main vision is to proliferate as the first true Malaysian luxury designer brand in the world. The label combines the finest menswear tailoring tradition and modern luxury creations with the most sought-after looks.

In this season, creative director Kenny Loh ventured down the lush tropical greenery of the Malaya jungle seeking for inspiration to host his first LORD’s 1974 debut collection at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Loh created an ultimate companion series assembled to his unprecedented Spring/Summer 2017 themed show featuring a glimpse of the Malaya jungle discovery. He asserted that LORD’s Tailor will always be about traditional bespoke and tailoring, but Loh wanted to improvise the new ready-to- wear label to be about something that mold tradition with modernity. He wanted to make classic tailoring menswear more personal and approachable, but with radical twist instinctive from the past collections. Hence he named his latest LORD’s 1974 Spring/Summer 2017 menswear collection – Jungle Fever.

The story is set around the Malaysian tropical jungle and urban jungle. The collection featured a number of looks inspired by the tropical jungle theme – treating guests to a smorgasboard of green leaves, animal prints, floral embroidery and a modern take of the camouflage – all in different shades of blue, green and grey. A truly exuberant line up of menswear that has not been seen in the Malaysian menswear industry. It’s a celebration of the unveiling of the first ever luxury menswear in Malaysia – and proudly 100% designed and made in Malaysia.

The show opened with a signature look from LORD’s 1974 – a double breasted suit but this time instead of the usual bright blue, it was in white. Signifying the birth of the new LORD’s 1974. Rakish cuts and patterns on suits in contemporary silhouettes ensured that the traditional and heritage of LORD’s 1974 is fully on display – the impeccable workmanship.

The collection will be available in The Pavilion KL (Level 6) and The Gardens Mall soon.


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